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Let us introduce ourselves

Little Beans Coffee is an ambitious company, starting off in 2015 in London selling our own branded coffee and equipment to cafes, coffee shops in UK. Supplying coffee and equipment to over 100 coffee shops in addition to being a nominated supplier to a couple of coffee shop franchisees, we started to think about how we could improve the concept !

All our coffees are chosen on taste alone, roasted to order and delivered to each branch immediately after roasting. All our branches serve the espresso blend within a 5 day window after roast, ensuring maximum freshness. The roast profile of our beans is a light to medium roast resulting in a delicately balanced flavour.

Each and every drink is individually made to our customers’ preference, with a double shot of our pure & unique espresso and we serve it quickly with a smile. Our coffee is Fairtrade and our milk is Organic (without charging extra).

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